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THE PROCESS:  Do you really need to 'remodel'?  How about a cleanup, polish, and a professional eye?  A simple copyedit doesn’t compare to a polished line edit.  And a line edit and polish will often do the trick, instead of a rewrite or restructuring.  An author/publisher might be nervous or ill at ease not only over a  diagnosis but over the cost of the diagnosis. But let’s face it. Often enough, you can tell from a few pages what’s called for.

You may need both more… and less. Certain publishing houses, especially larger ones,  include or rely on separate workers to provide proofing and copyediting, line editing, content editing, or additional variations. Some services seek to fill each of these needs, separately, with pricing set accordingly. for these separate needs. At RKedit, a smaller operation, you don’t need to hire three editors to do the job that one editor might do.

The preferable option is to have an experienced editor who can provide — in the same edit — a copyedit, line edit, and content edit. At RKedit we generally provide a combination edit. And we don’t look favorably on expensive story analysis, mentoring, reworking, restructuring. Especially on fiction. Nor do we favor a lengthy or costly analysis just to ascertain what might be the most suitable edit. Most authors and publishers have a fair idea of what they need when they contact us.

Sometimes, without a good look at a manuscript, it’s difficult to ascertain what might be the most suitable edit. Admittedly, before even getting started with the editing process some editorial consulting in the industry calls for a complete reading of a manuscript and providing analysis; provided from the POV of correct or adequate language usage (copyediting), readability (line editing), accuracy and credibility (content editing), as well as, as required or requested, analysis of story impact, structure, and/or other editorial aspects.

At RKedit you get an experienced editor who can provide a single combination edit, including a focus on keeping costs reasonable, providing, within this combination edit, emphasis as needed.

RKedit provides a free sample edit. This gives the author/publisher a sense of how the copy would be handled and enables us to provide a fixed quote, up front; usually a set price per word, based on the original manuscript count. This varies accordingly with the degree of copyediting, line editing, and content editing within a single edit, and according to whether the overall edit calls for a light, medium, or fuller edit. 

Almost invariably at RKedit there are no pre-analysis costs to determine the type of edit. The sample edit typically provides a good indication of thisand the strong tendency here is to avoid overkill in the editing process. As author/publisher you’ll not only recognize the book as being your book when it comes back to you, but RKedit seeks to avoid costly and time-consuming rewriting and restructuring, analysis or editorial consulting when very often, so to speak, it’s not to good purpose to remodel the house or buy new furniture when a little housecleaning and polishing or even moving a little furniture around may do wonders.  

You’ll find us professional, easy to get along with, and reasonably priced.      


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