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Need clean copy?  

RKedit believes in serendipity and clean copy. Copyediting focuses on grammar, punctuation, spelling…. From RKedits’s POV, you can’t get much cleaner than this.  So with a copyedit your copy may be grammatically correct – very clean – but how’s the readability? Is your copy a smooth read?

Need a combo edit? In the following example, from a copyediting POV nothing is grammatically wrong. There are no punctuation mistakes and no spelling errors and there’s no call for change in the following line: <I will be afforded an opportunity to….> To improve readability the copy usually requires a line edit to make it sparkle and give it a tighter, professional feel. Some copyedits are cleaner than others, but a simple copyedit doesn’t compare to a polished line edit. Barring some special basis required for the original wording, here’s a line edit — which changes the sample line to: <I can….> Admit it. It’s tighter, cleaner, less pompous, more readable!  And more professional!

Try the RKedit Readability Check, and check out our before-and-after edit samples, and to be fully content and maybe avoid embarrassment, how about a quick content edit? A content edit looks not only at language usage but eyes the copy from the point of view of an experienced book editor. You wouldn’t want to find yourself quoted by Stephen Colbert, would you?

Need help
taming your copy?

Correct English
is fine, but….

It don’t
mean a thing
if it ain’t got that swing!

Duke Ellington

Getting to the point:

Dr. Watson: "I am
inclined to think—"
"I should do so,"
Sherlock Holmes remarked,

Valley of Fear (1915)

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