About Victor’s Square
(A segment of "Way Back In The Day")

Traveling in Los Angeles on the Boulevard, to the Sunset Strip and back to Hollywood, Ron takes us on a circuitous route to Victor’s Square. Dealing with “Uncharmed particles” and the “curious balance of the universe,” we come eventually to the highly acclaimed “don’t miss” book:
The Gypsy Murder Investigation

By Jack Olsen

In May, 1998, on CompuServe’s opening forum page for what was then billed as the Writers Forum,  a series of columns initiated by Ron, Victor’s Square, running near daily over a two week period, was recommended as one of three “Don’t Miss” strings to follow from among the thousands of available discussions.  A few nice comments helped encourage – if any encouragement was needed – this series.

To: Ron Kenner, 102046,363 5/10/98
From: Sandra Parshall/SL4, 110420,2423

[Section Leader4]

<Finally, one of them admitted to me what they were laughing about. Talk about being a newbie! A real pro, they pointed out, would have written the review from the dust jacket.>

LOL! [Laughing Out Loud] Great story, like all your stories.


SL4/Mystery Writers

Some additional correspondence relating to Victor’s Square:

To: Ron Kenner, 102046,363 – 5/18/98 10:41 AM
From: Jack Olsen, 110550,2423

Hi Ron

Thanks for the bean-spaetzel of all posts! [Following segment 1] I’ll defer comment till I read part two. Don’t keep us waiting too long!

To: Ron Kenner. . . 5/19/98 10:46 AM
From: Karen Pershing ExecSys, 71101,1515#370480

I don’t want to break the flow, but I had to pop in to say how much I’m enjoying your “massives” – both here and in Writers 16.

I’m from L.A., btw, so I’m also enjoying the extra little thrill of recognition.


To: Ron Kenner
From: Karen Pershing. . . . 5/20/98 10:44 AM

At the risk of sounding repetitive, this is wonderful! I hope you NEVER get to Victor Square. I hope you just continue on and on. . . . .

To: Karen Pershing. . . . 5/21/98
From: Ron Kenner

…. But now – thanks to your plaudits – I just might take a small side trip. If anyone says anything [about length] I’ll say, “Talk to Karen”


To: Ron Kenner. . . . 5/21/98 3:25 PM
From: Jack Olsen….

Ron, you’re spoiling me with all these great massives! Terrific stuff, reminiscent of – whom? Joyce. Dorthea Richardson. Proust. Henry Miller. . . Ron Kenner.

Keep ‘em rolling! We’re all grateful.


To: Ron Kenner
From: Jack Olsen – 5/24/98 12:55 PM

Hi Ron,

Very busy pimping for my book lately, but I’ve ready every word of the Victors and enjoyed. The way I figure, you need two or three sections to have a book. “Remembrance of Things Present,” by Ron Kenner. “A la rechjerche du temps maintenant”? Too bad Scott Moncrief isn’t around to translate it into French…. Or could you do that yourself? Nothing about you would surprise me.

Friends to the end.


To: Jack Olsen ---  5/25/98 12:55 PM
From: Ron Kenner

Message text by Jack Olsen <<… I’ve read every word of the Victors and enjoyed. The way I figure you need two or three more sections to have a book….”>>

No problem! But only two or three?  I thought I’d keep going until “Section Eight” and then they can take me away!

<Friends to the end>>  

Friends to the end!  Does that mean we’re both going down?


To: Ron Kenner….
From: Jack Olsen…. 12:55 PM

Message text written by Ron Kenner

<The innocents always suffer, don’t they Jack?>

Yes, I do.

Tnx for more great stuff!


To: Ron Kenner
From:  Jack Olsen ---- 5/30/98   4:03 AM

Fantastic stuff!  You’re going to make me a legend before my time!

Tnx pal



To: Ron Kenner
From: Jack Olsen --- 5/30/98   10:27 AM

A Masterwork, Ron. (Authors define “masterwork” as any kind of writing that mentions their work.) Tnx for all the many kind mentions. I was fascinated by the stuff about Doris Roberts, since she’s on my favorite TV show. And intrigued by the Proustian detail that you accumulated and represented so well.

Now take a good rest, accept all our thanks for adding to the intellectual level of our great forum, and – above all – don’t eat any madeleine.

Friends to the end


*Some typos and brief awkward material in the running copy (for which there had been little opportunity for editing) have been fixed and additional new copy has been added in brackets.