"A magnificent journey into the delicious realms of unknown New Orleans. Fisher exposes the secrets of this complex city and lures us into the provocative world … which is New Orleans …  a must read for any serious lover of superb writing."  —Rosary O'Neill, author and playwright, The Actor's Checklist and Uncle Victor

"Thought-provoking insights for living the human drama are compelling and smack of genius. Kudos."  —Catherine Lanigan, author, Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile

"Some of these aphorisms are charming, and some may even be profound."  —Andrei Codrescu, author, Wakefield and New Orleans, Mon Amour

"Fisher is suitably eccentric and outrageous to represent New Orleans. … A talented writer."  Greg Langley, The Baton Rouge Advocate

"A cogent, sparkling tour de force of wit, wisdom, and most importantly love. Her sense of what makes the French Quarter such a maddening, but endearing, magnet for creative souls is priceless."  —Christian Allman, publisher, Gris Gris Rouge magazine

"Superb literary anecdotes and allusions, bristling with wisdom, surprisingly turned with wit and creativity, beam gems of thought."  —Bishop James H. Burch, The Catholic Diocese of One Spirit

"Magnus opus. … Thought-provoking … felt deep within the belly and heart. Be prepared … to laugh, cry, dance, and think."  —National Librarian

"Magnificently captures the heart and soul of New Orleans."  —Jeff Rector, award-winning actor, writer, and director/producer