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By Ron Kenner

— We all have a life. —

In one important sense, unfortunately, we don’t all have a life. Not really! And I'm not merely talking about many of our lives in the developed world such as those (in Bush administration times) currently being diminished educationally, morally, nutritionally or in health or happiness; nor, for that matter, should we overlook future lives being sold out economically, culturally, environmentally and more.

For billions more people in the developing world, lives are either barely on a subsistence level—not much of a life—or are all too frequently cut short, often needlessly, as in Darfur.

Admittedly in the U.S. many of us have considerably more of a life than others; more livable, say, and extending literally decades longer than tens of millions or hundreds of millions (billions?) who die needlessly early on; often because they don't even have relatively inexpensive clean drinking water or sometimes even because of the lack of relative pennies for inoculations. Not much life there.

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Derrek Parra, Reflections in the Ice, Inside the Heart and Mind of an Olympic Champion
with Patrick Quinn, Podium Publishing, pub. 2004

Won first place in PMA's nationally prestigious Ben Franklin award for 2004, in category of Autobiography/Memoir.

“A lot of time we used a lot of words a lot more than we should have. Thanks for the editing.”

         Derek Parra and Patrick Quinn

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