By Don Napalitano


ONE Why me? Why Not! Who Cares!
Discussion of personalities. Life in the O.C. What can go wrong? Age difference and too many relationships. Communication and Statistics.

TWO Psycho-babble Terms
Use and interpretation of psychological terms used for and against you in marriage and relationships. How couples fight.

THREE OPE: Other Peoples Experiences. Women’s Stories of the O.C.

FOUR Bitterness, Pain and Frustration
We take the poison pill, and we expect the other person to die. Emotional rollercoaster.

FIVE Support from Friends, Family and your Pre Nuptial Agreement.
What really matters is blood. Yours or mine?

SIX Process of Evolution
Steps to success in life and relationships, 14 S’s and other requirements. Soul mate. Being creative about choosing a mate

SEVEN Spiritual Happenings and life’s Fulfillment.
New twist on a very old song.

EIGHT OPE: Other People’s Experiences. Men’s Stories in the O.C.

NINE Lets Eat. Where’s the Wine?
If you need shortcuts to good food, and what it will do for a relationship, but don’t know how, this is for you. One more laugh.

TEN Next:
What about me? Hey, it’s all about me! Mistakes I made, Lessons learned, and Trends in modern relationships.

ELEVEN Going for the Gold Ring:
A lasting love and words of wisdom from a noted Psychologist.

Suggested Reading