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The Billion Dollar Solution


“What sets this book apart is how often it makes you go, ‘Aha!’”
        Tom DeMarco, author of Slack, The Deadline and Peopleware

“Rob Newbold’s latest work, The Billion Dollar Solution, is a real treat. The book makes crystal clear why and how business leaders can greatly improve their project management performance through the deft application of critical chain scheduling. The results are impressive: that’s what I’ve seen amply demonstrated in numerous winning companies that adopted the practices championed in the book. Newbold’s conceptual and practical mastery of the subject is particularly evident in his clear-headed discussion of implementation issues (read: change management). As he correctly points out, the true payoff of these practices comes when they enhance the way people work together in a synchronized fashion. Highly recommended.”
        — Dr. Fred Wiersema, Business Strategist and Author, The Discipline of Market Leaders

“The best book on project management in years! Rob Newbold's conversational style makes the depth and breadth of project management easy reading. Such a clear and simple explanation of the new common-sense Critical Chain solution only comes from deep, significant understanding. Learn of "Schedule Chicken," work in the "Confetti Factory," and discover "Duck Farming." See how to dramatically deliver projects much faster, on-time and under budget. Find the Leverage Points and the Work Rules to make Critical Chain work. Learn how to gain cooperation, change culture, and successfully implement and institutionalize fast, reliable, and complete projects. Learn the Pitfalls and Tips for developing project plans, pilots and multi-project success. I highly recommend The Billion Dollar Solution to the novice and experienced project manager, including Critical Chain experts.”
        — Dr. James R. Holt, Professor of Engineering & Technology Management, Washington State

"The Billion Dollar Solution is a fine and highly recommended piece for business leaders everywhere."
        — Midwest Book Review

"The Billion Dollar Solution is a readable, accessible book, as well as a very good addition to the project management canon."
        — The U.S. Review of Books