Ron has been interviewed for print and television regarding his role as co-author of The Garbage People: Story of Charles Manson. [See Manson Misconceptions). He has also participated intermittently over the years in various panels/discussions on education, technology, crime, prisons, as well as urban and political affairs.

In connection with Ron’s Watts Riot coverage, he provided limited assistance to a university research center for disaster preparedness, and received the following response:  “Thank you [to Ron] … the material you provided [as a Los Angeles Times staff writer covering the Watts Riot] will be of considerable help to our understanding of the situation. I appreciated your assistance at such a busy period.”

James Hundley, Disaster Research Center, Ohio State University.

Regarding expose and investigative reporting, Ron was the main interview subject for a Paul Coates TV show host in Los Angeles, in 1963, after breaking the story on mistreatment of patients at a California state mental hospital. The local paper and the larger papers barely touched this story for weeks, while pursued by Ron in while a beat editor for The Register. The story eventually spread to the front page of the New York Times and other papers nationwide and led to a complete reorganization of the hospital, including the firings and forced resignations of top officials, and some dozen technicians were charged with abusing and mistreating patients. While Ron was being interviewed on television, a sign periodically was overlaid across his chest: Exposes Snake Pit! 

Various other expose and investigative reporting material by Ron over the years, including many articles questioning the U.S. role in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s. He was interviewed by Robert Tung, Director, Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies, for Asia Magazine, Hong Kong, 1968, regarding his writings about the Vietnam War. [See Vietnam article].  

In related areas involving violence, Ron co-authored, Max The Butcher: an Autobiography of Violence and Intrigue, by Max Block, with Ron Kenner, published by Lyle Stuart, 1982.  Joe Broderick, author, The Rebel Priest, Harper and Row, Fall From Grace, and other biographies, wrote about this book: “A great book. Well written… very important history of the unions in the United States.”