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Who says repetition is bad? 

Publishers, editors, authors keep coming back to RKedit with new editing assignments.  Among assignments by Morgana Press, Ron Kenner provided main editing for the publisher’s award-winning website and is the listed editor* of Morgana’s award-winning Orléans Embrace with The Secret Gardens of the Vieux Carré, which, with other honors and acclaim, in 2007 won Ben Franklin gold medals for “Best First Book nonfiction” and “Best New Voice nonfiction.” [*RKedit Associate Editor Tom Puckett served as assistant editor.]  Ron, editor of “Best New Voice” TJ Fisher’s 2009 award-winning (Morgana Press) Hearsay from Heaven and Hades: New Orleans Secrets of Sinners and Saints, is also editor of the Morgana Press novel, Ruins of Grandeur, a Peter Grant mystery chronicle, by Donald  G.  Geddes — a 2009 IPPY Silver Medal winner (tie), category, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller.… And Ron is working on yet other Morgana Press books.  

Emailing PMA about Orleans Embrace (Morgana Press Publisher Salutes PMA, now the Independent Book Publishers Association), publisher Irene Singletary noted, “…  As well, we found our beloved book editor Ron Kenner through a PMA marketplace posting; this gentleman really turned the work around….”  Irene signed Ron’s Orléans Embrace: “To the Patron Saint of New Orleans! — We couldn’t have done it without you!!” 

Psychiatrist Harvey Widroe (three books with Ron), noted: “… a great job as editor.… The manuscript [to be published in early 2010] is tons better than it ever was….”  Ron has served as editor on five books (with yet more coming) at Creative Book Publishers International. Through RKedit, Ron has provided editing/editorial assistance on many repeat book assignments, including: Books by Brookes… Ellen Reid … Rebecca Lang Hein (see Rebecca Hein comments on Ron in Guest Column, The Dog Ate My Ears)… Sear PressThe Washington Mercantile Publishing CompanySpectrum Press… award-winning novelist, screenwriter and  short story writer David Sanchez Juliao (former Ambassador from Colombia to India, and also to Egypt)… Ethiopian Consumer DirectoryMedialog, Copenhagen (advertising account  work as senior English editor for assignments in U.S. and abroad for IBM, Microsoft, Lego, Saxo Bank (annual report)…. Jack Hokikian, Los Feliz Publishing Co. These and others (see Categories) keep coming back. Rons recent edit is the follow-up novel to Nancy Deville's 2009 Award-Winning novel, Karma, helped along, Nancy Deville adds, by Ron's "brilliant edit." (Associate Editor Tom Puckett assisted Ron with backup proofing/editing on Karma.)

Ellen Reid (Book Shepherd) once told Ron, “You’re awesome!”   Michael Baumohl, Vice President of  Creative Book Publishers International, Beverly Hills, refers to Ron as “The Guru of all things editing!” Tony Verna (inventor of the "Instant Replay,") who authored The Man Who Invented Instant Replay, recently edited by RKedit, told Ron, “Thanks! You did a helluva job!” And Ron and RKedit associates have received many other top endorsements. But, of course, the repeat business speaks for itself!


“Wonderful.… You’re the best!  I do not know how you do it.… ” 

          Irene Singletary,
          publisher, Morgana Press


 To Ron Kenner — The editing is great…. truly a word doctor. Like I am to chemistry, you love writing and have clearly been a lifetime student.”

          Shane Ellison, author,
          Health Myths exposed


“Ron…You are the best thing that has happened to me in years!" 

          Dennis Janovich, author,
          The Complete Check Managerment
          Companion for Small Businesses
          (Anti-Fraud Handbook),
          (Ron Kenner, editor).


“… I feel I am a much better writer now for the experience.”  

          Althea Horner, Ph.D.,
          author of many books
          and journal articles, including
          a McGraw Hill high school
          standard psychology test


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