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The Soul Diet Rabbi Yitzchak Goldman — 2007

“Great edit!... A very big thank you to my editor Ron Kenner, who through both selflessness and creativity managed to sharpen my words without losing my message. Thank you also to his wife, Mary and to Tom Puckett for their supporting editorial roles.”

               Rabbi Yitzchak Goldman, author

Channeling Vysotsky: A Poet’s Journey from Limbo into the Light — Tatyana Tanika     Pub. 2005

Thank you so much for everything.” 

               Tatyana Tanika, author

Planetary Intelligence,  

Mt. Baldy Press, pub. March 2006

"RKedit did a great job making my manuscript more readable and grammatically consistent. You helped me to improve my word choice and overall style. And I appreciate your thoroughness and professional dedication to the job. Thanks, Ron!

               Dr. Simeon Hein, Ph.D. author

Deception: The Devil Hears Your Prayers Too

Prindle House, Pub. 2005

“Ron, thank you so much for ALL your help…. I received your message about too much money. If it was too much, don't worry about sending it back. ”

               Twyla Prindle, author


"Looks real good."                                         

               William Marts, author


A Message From Hell!, Rev. Leonard Cheeseborough, 2005

“Ron,  thank you for your expertise.”

               Rev. Leonard Cheeseborough

Back from Sanity’s Edge, Denise Smith, author 2004  

“Denise recommended you for editing; she said you’re the greatest….”

               Rev. Cheeseborough,
               publisher of several small books edited by RKedit


Where is my Money?  Pub. 2005

“Thanks again for your help!”

               Rev. Leonard Cheeseborough


When Wisdom Dawns______   [In publishing process]

“To Ron Kenner… Corrections all in place. Great work!!!”

               Dennis MAQ Crook  (Muhammad Abdul-Qadir)



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