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Health Myths Exposed, Shane Ellison, M.Sc.

“The editing is great. I’m excited. I’m glad to have found you. You are truly a word doctor. Like I am to chemistry, you love writing and have clearly been a lifetime student.”

               Shane Ellison, author

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FROM FAT TO FIT: Turn yourself into a weapon of MASS REDUCTION  — Hound Press

I love the edit.  I love what you did with it.”

               Carole Carson, author     




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Eat and Watch Pounds Melt Away
Harvey J. Widroe MD with Ron Kenner

The Smart Dieter’s Cheating Guide reveals the secret formula for the only proven system for weight loss on a long term basis—how to eat less (without serious deprivation) through heightened awareness, understanding, and command of the mind. The reader is invited to look into the mindsets of the dieter—explored over many decades by widely known psychiatrist Dr. Harvey Widroe—and to observe the behavior and the dieting mythologies to which millions of dieters almost tragicomically subscribe.


Delicious & Healthy
Heart Smart Baking

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