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Ron Kenner has traveled widely in the U.S. and abroad. In categories of dramatic nonfiction and fiction he has edited published spy, mystery, and crime novels. Among various editorial assignments he has worked police beats on major dailies, and covered such events as the Watts Riot (as a metro staff writer for The Los Angeles Times). He has worked as an investigative reporter and once initiated a series of articles that led to major changes at a Southern California mental hospital. He has written on various urban and social affairs and his own freelance articles have been published widely in the U.S. and abroad.

“Ron, Thank you for helping me with the editing and rewriting of the treatment for the film The King of Clubs [sold to] ShowTime Television Network in Hollywood. … You helped me to draw well-defined characters without too much language … half of the usual space. Without your [English-language] assistance it would have been impossible to achieve the precision and impact that made it possible to turn my original document into a good selling one.” 

David Sanchez Juliao, South American author of the well-known Latin American Literary Boom, translated to twelve languages, with seven literary awards in Spanish literature, and former ambassador of Colombia to India and Egypt. An earlier work by DSJ won best novel of the year in Colombia.

David Sanchez Juliao, one of Latin America’s most popular writers, speaks English well but it is not his first language. The short story, "¿Porqué me llevas al hospital en canoa, papá?" after being translated into English as “Why are you taking me to the hospital in a canoe, papa?” was polished at RKEdit, then won an international short story contest, and  provided the title for the author’s anthology of short stories.


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In addition to editing nonfiction and dramatic nonfiction, RKedit has provided English editing on several successful novels translated from German and Swedish for the English market, as well as English polish on published novels and other material translated from abroad; including editing and polish on translations from Danish, Spanish, Russian (Science Fiction)….

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