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Novels: mystery, spy, relationships, science fiction/fantasy
(Final English polish of Swedish & German novels)


by Nancy Deville

National Best Books Awards, Finalist
Best New Fiction

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My gratitude to [RKEdit] for his brilliant edit, so light-handed and thoughtful, yet with exactly the perfect word and phrase suggestions. He made Karma a much better book. And thanks, too, to his assistant and associate editor Tom Puckett [now senior editor] at RKedit for some good catches and thoughtful suggestions.

– Nancy Deville

Depth of Deceit

by Betty Briggs

Hollywood Book Festival, Winner – Unpublished, novel now published

“What I appreciated most about Ron’s editing was that when I was through making his suggested changes, the manuscript still sounded like me, only better. He has a keen eye for phrase arrangement and at times he came up with the exact word I’d been searching for, but never found. In addition, he is a joy to work with and always did what he said he would within the time frame promised.”

– Betty Briggs

The Doves  *****

“An editor with a respect for the writer's work. When appropriate he will guide the writer to strengthen his or her own craft.
...Never flatters; he is honest. Yet he is gifted with insight into the mind of the writer and when he edits, he edits out only the flabby phrases, not the words that sing. [RKEdit] thinks like an editor but when he finishes his job the work is still your own, only more so.”

                   Donas John, author

Title to come____  Mystery novel

“Having been an editor myself, I was reluctant to hand my book over to anyone for a final polish, but your careful reading, changes and suggestions for improvements were just what my novel needed to get it into final shape. Where little help was needed you resisted the urge to make extraneous changes — the mark of a good editor. The background knowledge you brought to my project was impressive. I also appreciate your advice and encouragement on getting the book into print; this was much needed in today's tight literary marketplace. I hope we can work together again when my next  manuscript is done.”   

                      Robert Anderson, author/editor

IPPY Silver Medal Winner (tie)

Ruins of Grandeur
by Donald G. Geddes, III

"Thank you for all the hard work. I am very impressed with the edit …. keep up the fine work. After all, this is your award too! You edited it."

                        Donald Geddes   

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Crime and mystery — Short Stories

“Thank you so much, [RKEdit.] This [sample edit] really looks great. I think what you’ve done is exactly what we need. I showed it to the author and he felt the same way.”

“Thanks again (final edit) for all your wonderful work on this project….”

           Dottie Hall, Managing Editor,
           Pottersville Press
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