Children's Books

The Love for Three Oranges

Prokoviev, Pumpkin House

“Thanks a lot, Ron” and, re editing questions, “Thank you SO much for your detailed letter. You totally convinced me….”

                Tatiana Zunshine, pub., Pumpkin House

The Flower Ball

Sigrid Laube & Silke Leffler, Pumpkin House

The Doors, Georgia Archer

The Children of Ocha
, 2nd book edited.

Really appreciate all of your help.”

                Georgia Archer, author


Engine Number 90 and the Pizza Panic

looks good. Thanks for all your help.”

                F.M. Phillips, author


Children of the Galaxy
Yuri, science fiction novel for teenagers

“Thanks so much for your professional editing. It makes a big difference.”  

                Yuri, author



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