Children's Books

The Love for Three Oranges

Prokoviev, Pumpkin House, 2006

“Thanks a lot, Ron” and, re editing questions, “Thank you SO much for your detailed letter. You totally convinced me….”

                Tatiana Zunshine, pub., Pumpkin House

The Flower Ball

Sigrid Laube & Silke Leffler, 2006, Pumpkin House

The Doors, Georgia Archer

The Children of Ocha
, 2nd book edited.

Really appreciate all of your help.”

                Georgia Archer, author


Engine Number 90 and the Pizza Panic

“Ron – looks good. Thanks for all your help.”

                F.M. Phillips, author


Children of the Galaxy
Yuri, science fiction novel for teenagers

“Thanks so much for your professional editing. It makes a big difference.”  

                Yuri, author



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