True Crime, Violence, & Intrigue

The Garbage People: Story of Charles Manson

John Gilmore, Ron Kenner (co-author/editing)Omega Press, & reprinted abroad, (early hardbound, softcover, Spanish edition) out of print; Amuck Press, later editions.

Ron Kenner provided editing, rewriting, polishing for John Gilmore’s original manuscript; Ron worked in additional information from the trial transcripts, and provided some interview and other materials for the first edition. He has not been involved in later editions, though these rely heavily on the earlier material. All review comments that follow on this site are to the first edition, published in the U.S. and abroad.                 

“An insight readers will not find elsewhere…. a fine job…. Gilmore and Kenner have penetrated the mystery of how and why the nearly incomprehensible murder of Sharon Tate and six others came about.”

              William Farr, Los Angeles Times,
              President, Los Angeles Press Club

“I am overwhelmed by the material amassed, by the demonic powers it massively exposes, and by the sense of all the effort that went into its craftsmanlike synthesis.”

              Dr. Maxwell H. Goldberg, Dean of Humanities,
              Pennsylvania State University

See Manson Misconceptions

Rock & Roll Murders

Phillip B. Chute

“I am very impressed that you could get through the copy without going nuts. It is now OUR book because you are a very talented editor.”

              Phillip B. Chute, author

Childhood Shadows: The Hidden Story of the Black Dahlia Murder

[New edition, film optioned]

“Great editing!  Thank you for your invaluable help in bringing this project to completion. Here are the results .”

              Mary Pacios, author

Responses to a Police/Detective biography by Ron Kenner

“Incredible stories… entertaining.”
        Eric Tobias, Assoc. Editor, Pocket Books, Simon & Schuster

“The writing here is strong.”
        Mitch Horowitz, Editor, Dell

“Your depiction… is arresting and gripping…”
        Richard Vigilante, VP & Exec. Dir., Regnery Publishing, Inc.

“Fine writing… Fascinating… A masterful work.”
        Harold Heifetz, award-winning playwright/novelist/NF author


The Glen Miller Conspiracy: The never-before-told true story of his life—and death

“Thanks and congrats for a great editing job….”

         Hunton Downs, author

Politics, Labor, and Intrigue

Max the Butcher

Max Block with Ron Kenner
Lyle Stuart, [Autobiography]

“A great text… an important historical document.”

         Joe Broderick, best seller list author (Ireland) of Fall From Grace, other biographies, Doubleday

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