Autobiography/Memoir, biography,
dramatic nonfiction

The Making of The Lords of Flatbush
by Stephen Verona

“I read the edited version and really appreciate your corrections… Best Always.”

                        Stephen Verona

National Best Books Awards, sponsored by USA Book News:

Best Art Book

Godard  [Michael Godard, artist]
[Final polish]   

“Thanks for the fast turnaround on the manuscript. My client and I have had a chance to view your edit. We appreciate what you have done and think you have added much to the professionalism of this book.”

                Robert Brekke, Publisher Design Group

Instant Replay the day that changed sports forever
by Tony Verna

“Thanks [RKEdit] for the editing. You did a hell of a job!”


Derek Parra, Reflections in the Ice, Inside the Heart and Mind of an Olympic Champion
with Patrick Quinn, Podium Publishing

Won first place in PMA's nationally prestigious Ben Franklin award, in category of Autobiography/Memoir.

“A lot of time we used a lot of words a lot more than we should have. Thanks for the editing.”

                     Derek Parra and Patrick Quinn

RKedit… was selected “due to your responsiveness, quality work, good suggestions and good price,” after considering responses and sample edits from some ten editing agencies.

                     Bonny Warner, publisher

Mt. Everest: Confessions of an Amateur Peak Bagger
Kevin Flynn, with Garry Fallesen

“Thanks for all of your help. I like your changes. You definitely improved the manuscript.”

                   Kevin Flynn, author

A Case of Brilliance

[On raising two profoundly gifted children]
Rebecca Lange Hein

“Ron Kenner edited the manuscript and in the process became my writing teacher, mentor and friend…. In addition to doing a great job editing my book, [Ron] taught me to sense the content of my writing. I can now detect rough spots, changes in tone, and similar 'intangibles', plus I have a better intuitive feel for how to use words.” 

                    Rebecca Hein, author
                    (2nd book edited by RKedit)

Nub: Story of an Ex-Cripple (Paperback)
by Emile Barrios (Author)

"Great job [RKEdit]. Thanks for the edit."       

                     Scott Gulbransen, Publisher, Sear Press

Friends & Enemies, Presidents & Kings

Max Toledano, with Tammy McClure

“Ron, Thanks for a great job.”

                     Ellen Reid, Book Shepherd

“I’m very comfortable with you as the editor on this book.”

                     Tammy McClure:

New Edition

RBC Publishing, Sacramento, CA:  On Michael’s one year as Exec. Dir. for a UN population project in Thailand. 

Palace of Yawns
Peter H. Michael — Autobiography/Journal

“Thanks for the Edit. Great job. You made a significant improvement.”

                       Andy Parks, publisher


Mike Croghan — Journal/Memoir

“Wheh! Reading your editing is an easy chore…. I can see instantly what you are suggesting to the writer! Your deletions are clear to me as are the additions. And I can clearly understand why you are making the suggestions you do. Moreover, I LIKE how you leave the tone and personality of the writer in place. It’s nice work.”

                        Mike Croghan, professor and author

Autobiography/Memoir, biography, dramatic nonfiction; some other works by Ron Kenner as author/co-author

Harvey Widroe, with Ron Kenner — Autobiography/ Memoir

“Ron… Thanks for all your help…a great job as editor, instructor and coach. The MS is tons better than it ever was as a result of your edit.”     

        Harvey Widroe, MD, psychiatrist

Ron Kenner: Comedy / Satire / Columns / Memoir

Shirley & Marty Shirley Jones, Marty Engels, Mickey Herskowitz Putnam  — Ron Kenner: Research, interviews, preliminary version:

“It’s funny and fun and I loved it .” [Ron’s early version]

         Shirley Jones,

Victor’s Square    Ron Kenner [Autobiography/Humor/Columns]

Writers forum, CompuServe

 “Terrific stuff, reminiscent of — whom? Joyce, Dorothea Richardson, Proust. Henry Miller. But mostly… Ron Kenner… Keep ‘em rolling!  We’re all grateful.”

Jack Olson — [Reported by Publisher’s Weekly as America’s master writer of true crime.]  Author, Hastened to the Grave…Son of Sam….    

“.... At the risk of being repetitive, this is wonderful! [15-part series] I hope you NEVER get to Victor’s Square. I hope you just continue on and on and on….”

         Karen Pershing,
         ExecSys, CompuServe

The Garbage People:
Story of Charles Manson

“You are left face to face with Charley — in his own words,” says the author of a spectacular new book on Charles Manson and his people. Ron Kenner, co-author with John Gilmore, adds: ‘People who have not learned to think, to recognize subtleties, who live without art and no awareness of subtleties must live by a sledgehammer approach to life…. The lesson of the Garbage People,” he adds, is: “Ask not how rotten Manson is but how he got that way. Ask not who ‘put the girls on’ but ‘who’s putting ME on?”  

         Chuck Ramsay, profile on
         Ron Kenner, News Post,
         Laguna Beach, CA

See The Manson Misconceptions

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