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For some three years Ron worked on The Los Angeles Times metro staff, including the period for which it received the Pulitzer for its Watts Riot coverage. He spent three days in the field covering that event. On various publications he has been a staff writer, investigative reporter, columnist, and later served as a newspaper and magazine editor. As a freelancer and former co-director for two years of an international press bureau, News Features International and Kenner Press Features, headquartered in Copenhagen, Ron’s own bylined feature articles have been published in newspapers and magazines in more than a dozen countries. See FEATURED, Ron's Columns, Articles by Ron, and More Articles & Tips on Writing by Ron, plus Works In Progress. 

Ron was a world news editor, wire editor and ‘deskman’ on major dailies, was managing editor of a twice-weekly, editor of a small daily, and for some six months was Supervisor of Publications of a billion-dollar-a-year Corporation, putting out the company magazine. Years back, while a ‘deskman’ for The Register (Santa Ana), for a time he was main correspondent in Orange County, CA for United Press International and later was a correspondent for Associated Press.

Ron is listed in the Marquis’ Who’s Who: Who’s Who in the West (Silver Anniversary edition, 1996, and later editions), and is a member of PEN Center West. In December, 2002, one of Ron’s award-winning essays was used with one other to lead off the 2000th edition of The American Reporter, the first online newspaper. In education writing, he won a special California Teachers Association (CTA) John Swett Award, one of only a few awarded that year. Among other commendations, Ron was a press club runner up for the Best Series of Articles in daily and twice weekly newspapers in Los Angeles and Orange counties, as judged by Gladwin Hill of the New York Times. (In more recent years, Ron has personally edited more than seventy-five published books.) See editor.

Among exposé and investigative reporting, Ron was main interview subject for a Paul Coates TV show (early news feature talk show host) in Los Angeles. The local paper and the larger papers barely touched this story for weeks, while pursued by Ron. The story eventually spread to the front page of the New York Times and led to complete reorganization of the hospital. While Ron was being interviewed on television, a sign periodically was overlaid across his chest: Exposes snake pit! Various other banner headline stories by Ron have appeared over the years (for relevant projects, inquire about details). As a journalist, editor, and author/co-author, Ron has been interviewed on television and participated in various panel discussions on education, technology, crime, prisons….  Among various issues, Ron wrote decades ago in a banner headline Sunday feature about the problem of carbon dioxide emissions in the air and its impact on climate.

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Ron and his co-director/late brother have been published in these and other publications internationally.

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