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Ron holds a dean’s list B.A. degree in English literature, 1975, and pursued postgraduate studies for several years at California State University, Los Angeles. In 1976-1977, the Dean of Postgraduate Studies, English, CSU-LA, nominated Ron as the outstanding postgraduate student of the year. With a solid foundation in English literature and a home library that has since grown to nearly 10,000 books, Ron has been authoring, co-authoring, editing (and providing editing/editorial assistance) on a wide range of books.

Ron has authored and co-authored several well-received dramatic non-fiction autobiograhies / biographies, including celebrity, true crime, police / detective, violence and intrigue…. He has sold some short stories (fiction) and personal anecdotal writing, and has assisted in the development of successful TV story materials. He has collaborated on two new books: The Smart Dieter’s Cheating Guide, Eat and Watch Pounds Melt Away, Harvey Widroe M.D. with Ron Kenner, 2007 and, also with psychiatrist Widroe, a book on his early experiences working in a mental hospital, [Title temporarily withheld] scheduled for publication in early 2010, Creative Book Publishers International.

Among other books authored/co-authored by Ron (Search Ron Kenner on or Google Ron Kenner), Ron collaborated with John Gilmore on the now classic book on the Charles Manson story, The Garbage People: Story of Charles Manson by John Gilmore and Ron Kenner (rare books of the original edition have been on sale for more than $200), adding some material but mostly serving as an editor, editing and polishing the original manuscript by John Gilmore. Among other projects, Ron collaborated on Max The Butcher. Ron has authored and co-authored dramatic non-fiction (third person and ‘as told to’ first person) biographies.

Ron has traveled widely in North, South, and Central America, in the Middle East, and in Eastern and Western Europe, and benefits from a multifaceted, international perspective. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Mary and their cat, Mazel. (Also search Ron Kenner on or Google Ron Kenner to see additional books he has authored/co-authored/edited). See BOOK CATEGORIES, Dramatic Nonfiction, True Crime and Autobiography/Memoir.

The Manson Misconceptions

Two books co-authored by Ron scheduled for publication in early 2010 by Creative Book Publishers International


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