FOR PRICING INFO, contact Ron for a free sample edit of your copy and a fast response and quick quote. This gives a good sense of how we would handle the copy, and enables RKedit to make a reasonably-priced quote; usually set on a per word rate based on the original manuscript count.


Avoid over-editing. A high priority at RKedit is to avoid needless edits. This requires less time and invariably proves less expensive.

Use the “tracking” in Word, or some comparable program. This can help you avoid the needless waste or time and expense required in re-keying corrections. As well as enabling a significant savings, this also eliminates much tedium. RKedit files are typically returned in a Word file that shows tracking of changes and in another file that hides changes and reads clean. Since the client can accept changes or restore original copy and then move automatically to next change, the file can then serve as a new master file to be used as desired.

Consider the economics of formatting. Also significant for cost cutting, RKedit has occasionally recommended a format change in which the publisher was able to both improve the ease of readability of a novel and yet eliminate some ‘signature’ pages in the printing – a potentially significant savings.

You, yourself, can eliminate needless pages, chapters, even sections in your book. The question to ask is, do you really need this copy? This not only helps you greatly reduce costs but often can help you add to the coherence of the work and add considerably to a sharper focus and greater readability. It may be that there are several chapters or a particular section in your work that has been looked at repeatedly. An editor with flexibility, such as RKedit, can, as the client requests, just give a quick look or ignore these pages, such as excerpted or quoted material.

Focus on your real needs. Proofreading is not the same as editing. In certain instances, if you need only proofreading, say, for material that contains merely lists, names, long sections of quotes where the quotes remain unchanged, etc., pull these pages, or chapters, out and use a proofreader.

Major savings in printing costs can be accomplished through a reasonable tightening. This requires an editor alert to subtleties so that essential material is not inadvertently excised. You don’t want to sound like a telegram, even in a dictionary. But often a tighter version works better, carries more impact and offers greater readability.

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